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Un Posto a Base
Brand identity for the new bar/restaurant inside BASE, a 6.000 mq space in Milan dedicated to innovation, art, creativity and technology.
The space is a former factory for the production of engines, train carriages and tramways, so the whole restaurant was designed to emphasize continuity with the industrial memory of the building. Even the food, as all the plates are served on sticks to remind an assembly line.

G.O.P. Fun House
New York Times Magazine
The cover and two accompanying illustrations of the Sunday NYTimes Magazine feature "Will Trump Swallow the G.O.P Whole?" by Mark Leibovich.

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Work done at Sagmeister & Walsh.
CD: Jessica Walsh / CD at NYTimes: Gail Bichler, Frank Augugliaro / Team at S&W: Angela Iannarelli, Aron Filkey, Giulia Zoavo, Vittorio Perotti / Painters: Colossal Media

Alanui website
Design and art direction for the website of the luxurious cardigans brand: Alanui.

Work done at Apart Collective
CD: Andrea Mineo / Design: Vittorio Perotti, Pietro Anastasi.

Lamborghini URUS
On December 4th, Lamborghini announced the first Super SUV in the world: Urus. This is the video we did for the main event.
Agency: Beyond The Line / CD: Alessandro Borgni / Art Direction: Vittorio Perotti / Copywriting: Andrea Fagiolari / Direction: Alberto Colombo / Music: Francesco Fantini / Sound Design: Charles Deenen / Photography: Diego Indraccolo / Production Agency: Karen Film / Post Production: EDI