Energy Look

Internal energy once again plays the lead role in the new Freddy ad, together with Olympic champion Alessia Maurelli. The famous gymnast gives an artistic performance against the backdrop of a circular installation of bright LEDs that light up according to her movements, in order to visually demonstrate all the energy and poetry within her body.

Agency: YOHOHO Studio
Production and Direction: Fullscream

We Are Fighters

WR.UP is a women’s trousers with shaping effect. It has always been advertised with stereotyped women showing a perfect bottom. We brought it to a new level, speaking to a wider and smarter audience of girls who feel free to express their femininity.

Agency: YOHOHO Studio
Direction: Land Ho

The Art Of Movement

Reaffirming Freddy’s creative positioning of “The art of movement” through a manifesto movie capable of emotionally moving the target.

Agency: YOHOHO Studio
Production: Olympique
Direction: Di·Al