Art direction for videos
and commercials.

Lamborghini — Beyond The Line

On December 4th, Lamborghini announced the first Super SUV in the world: Urus. This is the video we did for the main event. 

Creative Direction: Alessandro Borgni
Art Direction: Vittorio Perotti
Copywriting: Andrea Fagiolari

Director: Alberto Colombo
Music: Francesco Fantini
Sound Design: Charles Deenen
Photography: Diego Indraccolo
Production Agency: Karen Film
Post Production: EDI

Pramerica Manifesto
UBI Pramerica — Touch Italy

Art direction: Vittorio Perotti, Alessio Salatino
Copywriting: Dario Lo Nardo

Production: Section80
Direction: TOGUYS
DoP: Luca Costanti
CGI: Proxima Milano

Smash Your Limits
Gatorade — DLV BBDO

Two commercials for the Gatorade campaign: Smash Your Limits.

Creative direction: Andra Jaccarino, Emanuele Viora
Art direction: Vittorio Perotti
Copywriting: Dario Lo Nardo

Direction: Francesco Calabrese
DoP: Mauro Chiarello
CGI: Proxima Milano
Music and sound design: Guido Smider

G ident
Gatorade — DLV BBDO

Ident for the new Gatorade logo: G.

Art direction: Vittorio Perotti

Design and Animation: Cristian Acquaro
Sound Design: Guido Smider