Art Director and Designer based in New York City. Co-Founder and Creative Director of YOHOHO Studio.


Freddy WR.UP
We Are Fighters
Creative Direction + Direction

Agency: YOHOHO Studio
Direction: Land Ho
Production: Treeshome
WR.UP is a women’s trousers with shaping effect. It has always been advertised with stereotyped women showing a perfect bottom. We brought it to a new level, speaking to a wider and smarter audience of girls who feel free to express their femininity.

Creative Direction

Agency: Beyond The Line + YOHOHO Studio
Direction: Alberto Colombo
Production: Karen Film
The launch of the first Super SUV in the world: Lamborghini Urus. 

Freddy Sport
The Art Of Movement
Film manifesto
Creative Direction

Agency: YOHOHO Studio
Reaffirming Freddy’s creative positioning of “The art of movement” through a manifesto movie capable of emotionally moving the target.

American Documents
Art Direction

Agency: Exposure NYC
Creative Director: Tom Philips
Videomaker: Christopher Loren Ewers
The American Documents collection combines time-tested Swiss Movement with beautiful American materials — crystal glass faces made in Massachusetts, rich leather bands sourced and tanned in Minneapolis, and genuine brass casebacks forged and stamped at the Timex headquarters in Connecticut.